“LGBTIQ is the ultimate minority, aren’t even considered HUMANS in Pakistan.”


Often justified with reference to religion (including Islam), Pakistani society enforces gender-differential treatment in all spheres. Female independence, especially gender nonconformity and sexual autonomy, is strongly discouraged. LGBTIQ people challenge these norms are thus highly susceptible to various manifestations of violence, including intimate partner violence; police brutality; passer-by harassment; rejection by loved ones; and more.

The family is the most common source of violence against LGBTIQ people in Pakistan. Family members often emotionally abuse LGBTIQ children and young people by monitoring their movement; forcing them into arranged heterosexual marriages; verbally abusing and teasing them; ignoring them; pressuring them to meet religious leaders and mental health professionals to be “corrected”; disproving of their non-conforming SOGIE; and more. Many respondents indicated that family members physically and sexually abused them as well. There are no state institutions, such as LGBTIQ -friendly shelters, that could provide support to LGBTIQ people who escape their families.

Emotional violence was the most widely reported form of violence against LGBTIQ people in Pakistan. It occurs in both the public and private spheres, usually intensifies over time, and often precedes physical and/or sexual violence. State laws are hostile towards people with non-conforming sexual orientations, gender identity, and gender expression. Section 377 of the Pakistan Penal Code criminalizes “carnal intercourse against the order of nature,” which is interpreted to include anal sex. Additionally, Section 294, regulating “obscene dance and drugs,” make many LGBTIQ people vulnerable to police abuses. Section 295 even provides an opportunity for community violence, such as individual vigilante attacks or mob violence, in the name of religion. The 2010 Protection Against Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act has not been used to protect LGBTIQ people

LGBTIQ is the most victimized community in Pakistan from the perspective of Human Right violations. Transgender women/ men are most sexually harassed people followed by harassment against gays. They are stigmatized as sex objects and face derogatory name calling. They don’t only face physical violence but also severe mental torture. For example, they face hardships in renting a property. It is widely reported that they have to sleep with Property dealers/owners in order to get a rented place. They also find it extremely difficult to get jobs. Peace of mind for this community is nonexistent as violence and discrimination against them start right from their own families. This community faces stress, anxiety, and depression on alarming levels which is a primary cause of higher suicide rates in this community. There is already a shortage of qualified psychologists/psychiatrists; however, most of those available are inclined towards judging the patients. It is pertinent to cite that a friend of mine was advised to get electric shocks to get his mind balanced on his first visit to a psychiatrist. LGBTIQ community also doesn’t have basic community rights including identity, acceptance, marriage and adoption rights etc. As a matter of fact, LGBTIQ community is in the far more pathetic situation than minority communities because they don’t even enjoy social/sexual/human rights. In fine, LGBTIQ isn’t even considered HUMANS.

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