A Graphic Designer’s Word Document Resume

Are you a Graphic Designer? I am not going to hire you because football and Music are your hobbies and i am not interested to know about your score in final year at college.

The ONE & ONLY thing that would excite me would be the works you have done.

Over past 10 years, I would have received over 2000 resumes from graphic designers, mostly in the Middle East and South Asia. I would say out of every 100 I receive, only 10 are worth opening and going through. You may be talented, creates illusions with illustrator and uses Magic Wand like Albus Dumbledore, but if you cant convince the employer in a single file or webpage, your resume is tossed to the trash.

As an employer, the only thing that matters most is your work. How creative you are and how much of creativity reflects in your past work. But to have this communicated to your employer, there’s a few things to NOT DO.

  1. Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, just CONVERT TO PDF.

Don’t save it in one of the dozen word formats available. There is a very thin moment before the employer opens up your resume in one of his devices and word format shows scrambled and he closes it forever. PDF please. If its a single page then even a PNG would be fine.

2. You are a GRAPHIC designer. So Design your resume. Don’t just TYPE it.

This is the best way to create a first impression. This for me is the first benchmark when hiring designers. Throw visuals out there. Make it as easy as understanding a simple info-graphics. Don't make your CV a paper with paragraphs in black or blue Arial font. Use a bit of charts / graphs to show your skills / proficiency in the software. May be a nice timeline of career ?

You will be severely judged by the fonts you use in a Graphic Designer resume.

I never go through objectives of the candidate. everyone wants to “grow up in the career ladder in a competitive and challenging environment where my skills would be beneficial to the growth of the organization as well”

3.Portfolio of your works — The core of everything

I had received resumes with just one logo design attached as well as emails with 50 attachment of random posters / logos / brochures created by the designer, or with a dozen zip files. why don’t we make it easier for both of us and have a single link to your online portfolio or a single pdf with your works categorized neatly ? Your portfolio is what will finally end you up in the job. So give it proper attention by organizing your branding / logos / brochures / marketing collateral designs / newspaper ad designs etc in different areas. Do not stuff 20 logos into one page. Do a tiny brief on each page about the client you worked for. It would even make sense to add one particular work with various revisions, even if this was not approved by the client. Because it would give the employer a better idea of various perspectives you give to the same project. But make sure you display your works, and not someone else’s. I have been into meetings where a graphic designer looking for a job displayed ad concepts designed by my own company, without knowing that we were the ones who actually designed it. I didn't know whether to cry for him or laugh.

4. Your online portfolio

Your online portfolio on portals such as behance where your employer could see your works as well as appreciations will give you an edge. Give a link to these profile on your resume or if you don’t want to be much public about your works, give them a link to a wordpress or wix site where your works could be seen. You could even do the whole resume as a website which showcases your personal profile as well as your portfolio of recent works.

If you are an employer or a co founder looking to hire, i wish you all the best to find someone who doesn't name the files logofinal3.eps or qwqwqw.eps

The most challenging thing for me was to hire someone who is creative as well as organized. so that the press doesnt return the files saying image is not embedded, or the designer himself wont scratch head looking at a folder full of files named ‘final-logos’ trying to figure out which one is the actual final version.