Lighting the spark within..

It seems like everyday we come across so many articles on personal effectiveness and development. 10 ways to be more effective, 7 lessons to be more effecient etc. However after when we read these articles , despite the momentary motivation does anything really change?

George Benard Shaw a great writer once said “ Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

For us to change our lives, we have to be willing to change our entire thought process. This is not as easy as it sounds. Because it involves the most difficult challenge anyone will ever have to face. Confronting your innerself.

The reason why mental change is so difficult to achieve is simply because our mental processes were developed gradually over time. From our birth, our thought process became a product of our experiences, observations , environmental conditioning , expectations of those around us and many other factors..

What all these factors did was mould our mental processes based on the confines of our society’s paradigms. Most people are better off having a neuroscientist run electric currents through their brain to change their thought patterns than having to confront their inner self and light the spark of mental transformation through willpower.

We are all unique not by definition but by design. What this means is when we find that special domain where our unique ability eclipses with the world’s needs, we fully embrace our purpose and identity.

Some people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose and others seem to run into it by accident. I personally do not believe in coincidence because those that claim to accidentally have discovered their purpose in life, might not have been searching for it consciously but there is something about their thought process that increased the probability of them unleashing their full potential.

It is a spark, perhaps a series of sparks that ignite the process of mental transformation. This inner spark is the only life hack that can bring about true fufilment and happiness. It starts with confronting your innerself and asking yourself a simple question. “ who am I living for?”

Your life should be based on your DREAM

Direct Revelation of your Enterprise Ability and Ministry. Your Ability are the unique set of skills you have that help you contribute to the advancement of society and often guide you on your career path. Your Enterprise is your wealth creation activities, what are you doing to create wealth for you and the next generation.This is the area of your life where you should identify a need you can innovatively meet and create value. Your ministry is what you do to empower others. This involves giving back to the community. From mentoring young people to starting a charity all this is an essential part of living a complete life.

To have this epiphany requires each and everyone of us to embark on a journey. It is not only a journey of self discovery or self awareness..It also involves doubt, fear, confusion, criticism, insecurity, and a number of trials that we can only overcome when the flame ignited by our inner spark is fueled by the force of our mental transformation.

Rome was not built in a day, true…but Rome was only built because the Romans each lifted a brick and placed it on top of another. We can achieve anything we set our minds to achieve if only we can stay in the right mental framework.

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