10 amazing things you can do with social media

Social Media is taking the world by storm. Billions of data are being generated every single day as people Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk. I should say that I am lucky to live in a generation where you just sit and type something on your screen and in seconds, its already out there for the world to see.

Social media is a great way to connect us, get us talking and even making our work and lives better. Personally, I use social media on a daily basis to get to do the things I need both in life and work. I find good deals on appliances, housing, recommendation for food joints and great people that I usually need for so many different things.

The challenge I am facing with social media these days, something that has started to irritate me is the way we are becoming passive consumers. Taking an example of WhatsApp, I keep getting added to several groups and when I open the app, all I find are funny posts, people talking about each other, politics and soccer.

Unfortunately, this is what social media has become. People care so much about capturing pictures for the next post rather than getting a victim out of danger.

It is even worse with youth groups as they keep gossiping and abusing each other, share old posts and everyone try so hard to show that they have data on their phones and can therefore post. One time I walked an office, stood and stared at this receptionist for over 10 minutes but she didn’t make any move but rather continued giggling while looking at her phone. I was disappointed to see such a young soul lost in the world of social media where she has no control and has accepted technology to destroy her!

I know the power of social media if used for the right reasons and as a solution oriented person, I have a few DIY tips that I know will help someone out there;

  1. Explore Networks

Social media was born out of networking and all the different tools at your disposal are a powerful way to grow your network. One famous writer one day said that “Your network is your net worth”. Now imagine if you can look out for people in the wider social media community that share similar interests, you will be opening up so many doors. You cannot say you are getting something out of social media when all your friends on Facebook are your previous high school dropouts!

2. Promote your Talents

When I talk about the talents, most of you think its athletics. If you know Anne Kansiime, then your eyes have been opened. There are so many talents out there and you may be one of them, and since the world is hungry for information, this is the right time to get your smartphone camera right infront of you and show the world what you got. You don’t have to first go to a music studio or a drama group to grow a large following, social media will do it for you.

3. Share your Skills

I hear so many of you can build, clean, garden, write a website and so many other things but when I read your profiles on Facebook, your job positions are CEO or COO of a non-existing company that you think of running one day. Now this is the time to get real! Post about what you can do and market yourself so that when people are looking for such services, they can easily locate you. I know a gentleman who runs a waste collection business and has a profile nickname as “Kasasiro” meaning garbage. This has gotten him so many customers since people get to understand what he offers the moment they land on his profile.

The smartphone has the power to transform your life if you use it for the right reasons.

4. Sell your business/products

If you are an entrepreneur and you haven’t yet tapped into the power of social media marketing. then you do not belong to this century. Whether you are selling bananas or fruit juice, social media is a great way to create awareness, get product feedback, improve your product/business while you gain sales, referrals and repeats. With the so many social media channels, use your time posting about your business rather than gossiping.

5. Get free Mentoring

If you are reading this and you don’t have a mentor yet then you are having a very big problem! Anyway, if you cannot approach someone and ask him/her to be your mentor, then you have social media to stalk some people that inspire you. Start following their life and work, and harvest tips for your own success. Instead of frequenting a Manchester United F.C Facebook page, try looking at public figures and see what they are saying. If you are an entrepreneur, follow your competitor’s social media channels and see what they are up to. Such information will go a long way to help you succeed.

6. Write beautiful stories

I realized late last year that I had a lot of things I could talk about but I didn’t know how I could get them to my audience. I decided to start writing because its the best way we can express ourselves. Think about all the good things, the struggles, knowledge and experience you have. If you can share some of that, you will never know the lives you touch. Start writing!

7. Share News and Information

There are so many good and bad things that happen in your community that we never hear about. Do you know that with social media, you can easily become the voice for the voiceless? If you are therefore privileged to have a smartphone, don’t just post photos of yourself. Post about community issues, set up fundraising campaigns, spread community messages like vaccination, sanitation programs and any other important information. I know Dr. Eriki Etonu has used social media to keep us updated on how he is helping people in Kapelebyong. You can always do the same.

8. Promote your community and country

I am so done with your pictures of dead bodies from accidents and shootings. If you have been doing this, please STOP! and yes, STOP! The internet if you didn’t know is more like a database that collects and stores everything we post. If you Google Uganda today, most of what you will find are photos of dead bodies everywhere, teargas, angry mobs and police brutality. If we are saying that we need to improve the tourism sector, such photos aren’t going to bring you a single tourist and I think Amos Wekesa agrees with me on this. Post pictures of those beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife, blog about your village, share your culture with the world, you will see social media making miracles for you and your community.

9. Respect, Respect, Respect

I have seen so many people trying to use social media to bring others down. Respect number one is for you to respect yourself because what you post in this modern age really depicts who you are. You cannot go to an interviewer and say, well, that’s just Facebook, it has nothing to do with my personality. Always make sure that you are very aware of the implications of your social media activity. Respect number two goes to giving the same kind of respect you may want to others. Respect people’s opinions and privacy. If you are in trouble with someone, don’t take it to social media, pick up your phone and call that person or try to meet them and settle your issues. Putting your rants on social media makes everyone question you. The last respect is for social media and we all know that our kids are also using the same platforms. Don’t be toxic and spoil the medium, use the right language and come out to bring issues. There will never be a competition about who makes the most posts in a day.

10. Not Worth Your Time

Its that moment that you drop your phone and do some other things away from social media. Not every conversation is worth your time. Not every group you are added into is important and you don’t have to pay attention to everything your friends post. Learn to say NO to social media. Own it, control it and let it work for you.

Use them the to do good in the world.
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