my digital story

For my first year assignment: digital story assignment, I want to write and videograph the positive impact that people of color have on the University of Minnesota campus. I want to do this idea because it personally sounds like a concept that I can most relate to myself and an idea that I can put in a lot of personal effort and time into without it getting tiring. It also sounds like it’d be the most fun to engage in! I think the idea also resonates really well with the University of Minnesota because this campus is known as being the most diverse in Minnesota, even though the diversity here isn’t that great, and it would be interesting to know how people of color feel about that and if that was a deciding factor to why they came to the University of Minnesota. Starting now, I would gather digital information for my project by filming a day to day in my daily, specifically filming the people i’m surronded by and the activities I tend to engage the most in, then I would find and interview freshmen, or any other grade group, that are people of color and ask how their semesters is going so far and if they feel comfortable being on the campus with it’s diversity. I’d want to ask/answer questions like “How does your color impact how you engage on campus?”, “do you feel any sterotypes based on your skin color”, “what does your skin color bring to the U”, and so on. I believe that my main research question would be “How does your skin color positvely impact your college year experience at the University of Minnesota?” because it’s a light question and focuses on many positive aspects that’s at the campus.

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