Get started with MugglePay, and accept cryptocurrency

Kevin Johnson
Apr 20, 2019 · 1 min read

MugglePay, an easy way to accept cryptocurrency for merchants. MugglePay offers a safer payment than Visa and can better protect the privacy of customers. In some high-risk industries, we only charge a 1% base fee.

Better users feel, more revenue merchants get.

In the survey, 29% of new users, like me, are concerned about theft of credit cards for online payments; 37% of users worry about revealing their privacy when paying on adult websites. To be worse, some payment gateways, e.g. Epoch, charge more than 10%.

How does MugglePay increase merchants’ revenue

Our products eliminate chargeback rates with cryptocurrency payments while protecting users’ privacy, with transaction fee as low as 1%. More than 50 million people hold cryptocurrency which is still increasing rapidly.

We want to help more website and developers get better payments and more revenue. If you’re interested, please send E-mail to Our team will help you integrate MugglePay on your website!

Welcome to this safer and more efficient world!

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