Pancake for Peking Duck


  • 300g wheat flour
  • 170g body temperature water
  • 3g salt
  • oil


  • mix flour and salt
  • add water slowly into the powder and mix at the same time
  • keep mix and press until it forms a dough shape, it should be soft
  • put the dough in a bowl, cover with moisture cotton fabric stay for 30mins
  • get the dough, shape a bit and split into 30g small doughs
  • use the roller to roll each piece into a round shape 2mm thick(tip: try to roll more on the edge, keep the center a bit thick)
  • brush oil on each side of the piece, especially on the edge
  • stack 4–6 pieces on top of each other, and roll more to make them thinner, same tip as before, try to leave the middle a little bit thicker than the edge, so later it is easier to split them
  • prepare a steamer with boiled water, put a wet fabric on the rack or brush oil on top
  • add the pancake into the steamer with middle fire for 6mins
  • after it is ready, take out and split the pancakes from the big pile when it is still hot
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