2Minute Cheese Sauce.

Cheese a companion of Pasta, Maggie, Burger and many more dishes. 
Truly, I am a cheese lover.Are you a cheese lover like me?? Then you must know this 2-minute recipe of cheese sause.

#1. 2 slices of Amul Cheese
#2. 1 cup Milk
#3. Mustard seed
#4. Black paper

#1. Cut cheese slice into small pieces and put them into pan.
#2. Now turn on the stove and and add milk to it.
#3. By the time, take pinch of mustard seed and one black paper and grind them into powder.
#4. With the back of spatula, mix the cheese and milk together.
#5. Stir continuously so that no lumps will form.
#6. Once cheese and milk is mixed well add powdered ingredients.
#7. Once the mixture in pan thickens lil bit, turn off the stove.
And here you go, Yummy cheese sause ready to serve.

You can also reheat sause in oven to serve it hot.

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