Obama Urged Trump To Continue Neoconservative Foreign Policy
Caitlin Johnstone

Everything has its END, Mistake has been made, that’s why today the World situation is very difficult, absolutely NOT for Military Action, but to sit & dialogue accepting North Corea as a Nuclear Country “I am not with the Russian & Chinese idea, because that is only TEMPORARY and calming the situation for a while, tomorrow as before the same problem could be raised again” and the same difficult situation would appear again, at the end NO-ONE would decide easily for Nuclear War, because it would not be only between US & North Corea, it would extend to NATO and North Corea, China, Russia plus All those Countries who hate US(and Nuclear Bombs this time would fall inside the USA, that is the Human Self-destruction). As the Mistake, I intend that the World Administrator POLICY was was very hard and for SELFISHNESS, of not permitting Liberty & Independence to the others “If you ask USA why became a Nuclear Power, Yes to dominate the others as a World Colonization, and asking others the same question, they would say of not accepting the Colonization and for better Life of respected independent Country showing to be a Powerful Country as is intending IRAN, also it is for being powerful and get respect. Therefore Mistake was also permitting the other to be powerful with Nuclear Bombs and Continental Missiles.

Conclusion is, soon or later Nuclear World War would be, it is possible to be now in this occasion, having President Trump in USA “Who is in a very difficult situation” & Kim Jong-un in North Corea “Who is saying Decent Life or Death” and Putin “Will not be only observer, but Acting” in Russia and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran “Depends on the agreement with Russia”.

NB. It’s clear China would be defending the NC.

Let us hope for peaceful solution permanently.

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