Solar Panels and Microgrids for a Complete Home Energy Solution

Solar panels have gained a significant share of energy production for residential markets. More and more people are realizing the potential of clean energy which has led the green energy giants to come up with even more energy efficient solutions. One such way is integrating solar power with microgrids. There are currently many microgrid projects in the USA who have shown the bright prospect of such a setup. We will show you the benefits of this technology for powering your entire house in a way that you won’t need any electricity from the main power grid.

Solar Panels create energy due to the virtue of photoelectric effect which allows them to turn sunlight into electrical energy. Microgrids are small scale versions of power-grids that usually operate in coordination with the main grid but can serve independently as well. The fusion of these technologies decreases wastage while enabling efficient storage and distribution of power.

Go Off-grid

These systems allow you to go completely off-grid and run your home solely on the energy you create. Solar panels are capable of fulfilling your energy needs but the current systems fail to manage it well enough. Microgrids resolve this problem by maintaining a systematic distribution of power and decreasing the overall electricity load for a house.

Serve the Grid Back

A striking feature of this technology is that at times you will have surplus energy that can be served back to the main power grid. This way you can even sell the surplus electricity and contribute in managing the high energy demands of your area. Many microgrid projects in USA are working to improve this aspect of this system.

Save Big On Energy Costs

The technology can also free you of high electricity bills. There will be some initial expenses involved in the installation of solar panels and set up of microgrids but apart from that, you can power your house for free. There will be some maintenance costs but those would be nothing as compared to your general electricity bills, hence you’d be able to save significant amount of money with this technology.

Save the Environment

Another added benefit of using solar panels is that the energy you create is completely clean in nature. There are no fossil fuels involved whatsoever and the fact allows you to do your bit for conserving the environment. Moreover, by going off-grid, you are able to reduce the load on local supply grid which in-turn affects the release of green house gases.


In a nutshell, it can be said that the unique combination of Solar Panels and Microgrid is energy efficient, cost effective and environment-friendly. Microgrid projects in USA such as Tesla and MuGrid Analytics have invested a lot in creating off-the-grid solutions for local customers, proving the ideas worth and potential.