Why are Microgrids a Blessing for the Future of Electricity?

There was a time when the whole world used to live in the dark as there was no electricity around. With the passing of time, things have changed and changed for the better definitely. Human lives are filled by a bright source known as electricity. In the current times, electricity has become such an important part of our life that we can’t even think of running this world or living properly without it. This has led to a huge demand for electricity. The main power supply comes from the nationalized grid but there is something that runs parallel to it and meets these ever increasing energy demands called a Microgrid!

A Microgrid is a power grid which runs on a small scale and operates alone or in conjunction with the main grid of that area. Through microgrid analysis and optimization, one can align the renewable sources of electricity such as solar panels, the wind, water etc and meet the increasing electricity demands. Let us discuss some of its merits in details.

Advantages of Microgrids Explained by Experts

Efficient Delivery of Local Energy

A Microgrid analysis the local energy needs of communities, businesses and other organizations and develop technologies to meet the same. This typically includes the use of biomass boiler, solar panels, wind turbine and various ground and air source heat pumps. This local control of generating energy provides more choices with respect to the energy demand by reducing carbon emission and using renewable sources of energy.

Saves Money

A Microgrid helps you save lots of money on your energy consumptions. According to the professionals for microgrid analysis and optimization, if you own a Microgrid and are paying a hefty amount to the authorities for receiving the electricity from the national grid, you have the option of saving a lot through an optimized Microgrid. By using renewable sources of energy and reducing the transmission distance, you reduce the amount of energy you are buying and hence, save money and make more profits.

Fewer Technical Complications

Since most of the Microgrids use renewable sources of energy to produce electricity, there is very less technical detailing that goes into it. Transmitting electricity from the national grid to the local cities and faraway places is a lot complicated than it appears. Moreover, the energy produced at a Microgrid works mostly on the principle of automation, so even lesser technical troubling.

Environment Friendly

We all know how much the ozone layer of the earth is affected by the pollution. In order to save this earth from such harmful situations and other disturbing factors, it is imperative to focus on environment-friendly products and usage. This is what a Microgrid provides as most of its electricity comes out of renewable sources of energy and leaves behind little to zero carbon footprints. In a nutshell, this leads to a bright future of the electricity. If you own a Microgrid or are planning to start one, it is essential to consult experts for microgrid analysis and optimization in order to maximize your profits by getting things in proper alignment and technically accurate!

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Originally published at mugridanalytics.wordpress.com on June 22, 2017.

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