Is it harmful to the body with a stainless steel vacuum flask?

In daily life, people are used to drinking water in a thermos mug, which is especially common in winter. Then, does the use of a vacuum flask to hold the liquid will cause chemical changes, which in turn is harmful to the body? Let the water mug network give you the answer.

In fact, simply using a stainless steel vacuum flask to fill the water, it is not toxic, and will not cause any harm to the human body.

The stainless steel vacuum flask is made of double-layer stainless steel inside and outside. The inner casing and the outer casing are combined by welding technology, and the air in the interlayer of the inner liner and the outer casing is extracted by vacuum technology to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation. It has many advantages such as good thermal insulation performance, light weight, anti-fracture, anti-corrosion, anti-extrusion, heat-resistant and rapid performance, and convenient use. Moreover, the stainless steel vacuum flask uses food grade 304 stainless steel as the material to ensure that the amount of heavy metal in the vacuum flask is not exceeded, including lead not exceeding the standard. At the same time, the inner cover of the regular stainless steel vacuum flask is made of PC material. The PC material is boiled in boiling water and has no taste and will not be deformed. The apron is made of silica gel and is also non-toxic.

Therefore, is the stainless steel vacuum flask toxic? The stainless steel vacuum flask purchased through the regular channel is not poisonous for drinking water, and it will not pose a harm to people’s healthy drinking water. But be careful not to choose stainless steel mugs that are too cheap, because the stainless steel cost of 304 determines the quality. Generally, the price of a genuine stainless steel vacuum flask ranges from 100 to 500.

However, if a stainless steel vacuum flask is used to hold acid or alkaline substances, it will produce toxic substances, which are harmful to the body.

Choosing a regular stainless steel vacuum flask is not toxic, but if the stainless steel vacuum flask is not filled with boiling water, but tea or milk, soy milk and other substances, everyone should be cautious. Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline and aromatic oil, and also contains a variety of vitamins. If you use tea in a thermos mug, the tea will be soaked in high temperature water for a long time, which will greatly reduce the nutritional value of the tea and make the tea tasteless. The bitter taste, the harmful substances in the tea will also increase. If the mug is brewed with milk, it will cause the bacteria to breed for every 20 minutes, and the milk will deteriorate after 3–4 hours. In addition, the constant temperature in the vacuum mug can destroy the vitamins in the milk, and it will directly affect the health of the body and mind.
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