Format vs SquareSpace vs Wordpress vs Adobe Portfolio

This was a tough one till i found the right solution when it came to maintenance and minimalistic design. I was on wordpress before, since i am also a developer it was a know territory for me. Till i came to the point where i wanted a seamless way to manage my portfolio of images. Where it should be easy to upload the images add, edit and delete was high on my list.

Wordpress was always my front runner cause i was familiar with the platform and the options for themes were endless. But wordpress is a bit of a mess when it came to manage galleries. It was a nightmare to keep the galleries updated. And you need some basic skills to manage wordpress plugins and all the extras that come with it.

Then i broke down my choices to either format or square space, after going through everything from photo shelter to smug mug. Which were really cumbersome and most themes were just ugly.

Square space looked very promising till i signed up for a demo and it was so confusing to figure out how to set things up and get the pages setup. i just dumped it. but the themes they had looked really good.

Format was the last stop and thought it might be similar to square space, yet i figured. Why not just run a trial. And the rest is history. I just loved the simplicity it had and the choice for themes weren’t too much, but found something that just worked for me and exactly what i was looking for. Managing images through Lightroom was just a blessing and simplified everything when it came to portfolio management. It was a breeze setting things up from custom pages to galleries and everything else. I was looking for something minimalistic and easy to manage and update. Format was just perfect for it.

Take format for a spin at , they have a 14 day trial. Nothing like trying something out.

Updated November 2017

Finally, I decided to publish my portfolio after taking a break for a year. Since I had an adobe creative cloud license and noticed that Adobe was pushing you to use their inbuilt Adobe Portfolio website for free. Thought I would take it for a spin.

When it comes to design choice, there wasn’t much. Format wins hands down, even when it comes to usability too. The basic designs templates Adobe have are sufficient enough for me and its FREE. Plus, syncing from Lightroom is a breeze, you don’t have to install any plugins. You can import a folder from Lightroom and keep them synchronised with a simple click. And they don’t run any branding on your website.

If you got a Adobe Creative Cloud license, you can try it out for FREE.

My Portfolio site is