I’m sorry but I can’t keep up with your gish gallop.

Technically, that was a rant. Not something I’m fond of, but it’s hard to talk about how messed up the modern left is without blowing off a little steam. “Let’s talk about racism”, except lets not because the author hasn’t responded to any comments. And why racism? Because there is nothing worse than racism so how can you lose? Except there are worse things. Nazis have been marching in this country since the word ‘nazi’ was invented. Mostly they play dress-up and march in circles and say stupid shit to provoke people, but they’ve always been here and always will. Now, the normalization of refugee crisis’s, now that is something new and different and frightening. 350k dead, millions of refugees, and it is the new normal. And that’s only one country, who knows the whole tally. A refugee crisis on every continent but antarctica. Now that is an accomplishment. And sorry, but google “global warming caused the syrian civil war” and get 677k hits. Except “no one is saying this”. If you aren’t afraid of the modern left, your an idiot.

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