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The advent of blockchain technology enables the creation of asset-backed tokens, where each token can be pegged according to the corresponding security value stored in the backup. Ankorus will build an online exchange populated by current financial assets around the world. Various audit actions will be taken to establish transparency, and customers can validate that the tobacco assets are fully supported and held by Ankorus. Ankorus prioritizes responsive customer service as its core value.

Ankorus will form an important new connection from the crypto environment to an established financial world, enriching both with better opportunities and security.

Summary Of Business Plan
Ankorus will allow cryptoholds to buy real-world financial assets. Instead of cryptocurrency, Ankorus will create and allocate tokens whose values match their assets. The natural results we expect can be a radical disruption to the traditional financial world, which too often serve too little.
Ankorus embarked on a new landscape of trade without friction, beyond geographical borders and swollen financial swellings. Ankorus intends to become a fully registered brokerage agent and gain membership in large and trusted exchanges, securing the cheapest commissions for our customers and enabling all best practices.

Team Ankorus is filled by experienced professionals from the financial community, including former global FX business member Morgan Stanley, and senior software innovator from technological boundaries, including one of Zynga’s original engineers. Our solution is the inspired but logical crystallization of where we used to be and where we should go next. In general, we have the conviction that the time is right and mature to disrupt the inheritance financial order, potentially replacing it with a more appropriate update to the twenty-first century.

Technology And Process
Anchor Token System will be an alternative investment ecosystem that enables and provides financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REIT, ETF and state debt.
When our customer purchases an Anchor Token, we will immediately purchase the appropriate asset.

Tokenization Security
Ankorus will be able to commit tokenise to Anchor Token from existing financial assets. Ankorus will also ask for an anchor ration in exchange for a one-time tokatization fee.

Allocation Of Token
Ankorus will begin accepting donations on November 25, 2017. Interested parties may contribute cryptocurrencies to Ankorus, which will be the only form of contribution received. The contribution period will last for 30 days, after which ANK token will be allocated to the contributor. Contributors will be able to see their contribution in their smart wallet. Crawsale is set at 150,000 ETH. 100 million ANK (maximum supply) will be made and divided as follows:

  • 50% publicly available.
  • 24% is allocated to the mercy of Ankorus
  • 15% is allocated to the founders of Ankorus
  • 5% allocated to Ankorus advisor
  • 3% is allocated to bounties.
  • 3% is allocated to marketer costs.

Ankorus presents a unique ANK token. Token ANK provides access to bitcoin futures investment with cryptocurrency, and much more. All exchange-traded financial assets can also be bought and sold on the Ankorus platform, including stocks, Bitcoin futures, bonds, ETF, FX and commodities.


Our base price is 400 ANK per ETH. Firstcomers receive 50% bonus.
For example, the contribution of 1 ETH at the start of Token allocation will be given with 600 ANK.
However, late will receive only 400 ANK for 1 ETH

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Author (Muhammad omy)

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