Approach to Conflict — The Bangladeshi Way

Today I write this article here to share what I feel, and hope that I can find like minded people to share the situation.

Yesterday two students of the Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College were killed on the spot, in Dhaka, Bangladesh — According to The Daily Star the leading English daily of Bangladesh

I deeply mourn the loss and many losses of Bangladesh. I feel extremely bad as I could have been them because I take the public transport on a daily basis, each of them very dangerous then the next. But that’s not me there are millions who take the public transport system, the same public transport system that has taken many lives.

Now coming back to my sadness — My sadness is how people react to a crisis, as a country and a new generation of young people — we have forgot that love, care and respect is the most important things in the world. Love, Care and Respect prevails where justice fails.

Today, 30th July 2018 — Young people are again on the streets locking the roads and creating traffic and pain for people who are trying to change the country to a better.

Kids or Children who should be working hard, learning to change Bangladesh are on the streets risking their life.

My question to the people or to the current generation, is this the only way we know how to settle disputes or a loss. This has been a growing trend — if people do not get something they are on the streets making chaos or breaking glasses — is this the standard?

In Bangladesh, the crisis list is big from Climate Change to the Rohingya Influx, if this is the approach will be able to stand against the unknown future. Will be able to change peoples perspective towards us?

Will be able to have a society that promotes, peace, happiness and love.

I have no point to this right up, but I felt that we need to do something to help people grow, understand better.

We need to engage the youth, before the youth takes actions that they cannot later fix.

Thank you for reading!