The change in my life

“Change is the only constant” — Heraclitus

I believe in that quote. Many companies got to become successful because they knew change was the way to success. I don’t know whether I would be successful in the future but let me share you the change I have gone through.

Some background info about me. I didn’t have a good enough GPA to enter to any of the local universities. Thus, I went to take a part-time degree in psychology and a worked part-time to pay for my own school fees and be financially independent. Why psychology? Cos I had a diploma in psychology. Then, I thought I was meant to be do something related with psychology and somewhat followed my friends in studying psychology.

Then, one day, I met an ex-polytechnic friend, named Louis, to catch up and talk about life. I thought it was just a normal meet-up. However, when I had a colloquy with him, I saw something in him that I do not normally see in people. Passion. I was surprised as back in the days he was not as motivated as he was right now. He got me so motivated as he was clear of what he wanted to achieve and the sacrifices he made to achieve the goals he set. It got me inspired. If he can find his purpose in life, why can’t I?

So, I did what I think was the appropriate action. I wrote on a piece of paper: What I want to do with my life? I thought long and hard and came up with 3 career paths: Psychology, Comedy and Clean Energy.

Clean Energy

Why clean energy? Cos I care about the environment and understand how we humans are not taking care of it seriously as we ought to. Thus, I researched on it. What schools that I am able to get into, what modules they offer. What career aspects to be expected. Would I want to be an engineer for the rest of my life? I thought about it. Nah!


I think I’m funny. People think I’m funny. Some people recommend me to do stand-up. And I really thought about it. Researched about it and try writing down my own jokes. But something was just not right.


Alas my final option. I thought this would be it. My only way to get a job and support myself and my family. I thought it would guarantee me a job and I thought I would be happy having enough. Well, I have never been so wrong

So, I circled my psychology path and move forward. Then, by fate or luck or boredom, I chance upon this article.

This lady, someone who had a place in several universities, took a leap of faith and joined a bootcamp without any background knowledge. Then, her hard work had paid off and she got offered jobs. I thought to myself. If she can do it, why can’t I?

I gave programming a go , doing some HTML/CSS tutorials, and I liked it. I went to research on it and saw the endless possibilities and what the future upholds. It peaked my interests and I knew what I want to focus on.


The fourth career path that I did not anticipate. Programming. How. I was surprised myself. My interest grew even more when I told Louis about it. His wealth of knowledge of tech and startup got me motivated and excited. Then, I knew what I wanted to do in my life.

Being an entrepreneur.

I know it’s quite cringy to say that but, I really mean it. I want to be my own boss. I want to be successful. Thus, I chose to join a bootcamp to get the necessary skills that can help in my entrepreneur journey. I have my reasons why I started in a programming bootcamp. So stay tuned!