I realize that I learned until today makes the biggest improvement

Spot on! Before I started my career as frontend developer, I was going to school art in Indonesia and learned about communication design. A long time ago I was never knowing there will be a job named UI/UX Designer. In 2009 I was just learn how to be a professional graphic designer or maybe in that time many designers want to work in advert agencies. That’s it!

Start to make a change.

“Besser spät kommen als nicht” — Unknown in german speech. So I moved to Germany to learn more about anything what’s in the world. Since I know the UI/UX, I have a prediction, this job will bring me through the next adventure. So I learned about UI, how do designers implement the component in screen, and it’s really fun, it is! Being a designer is not just designing a logo for client or anything else. When I was going to college then I’ve got something new. Learning about Mockups, Workflow, Wireframe, Prototyping, Screen Designing and User Testing. Not just that I dive in to the programming language. So people were asking me, how it was. I was enjoying since I went to Web Design and Development college. Learning a web technologies such HTML5 and CSS3. I was realized that all UI/UX Designers should have a basic web technologies. For the first time when I learned HTML & CSS, it was sort of like a web design but not using Sketch or Photoshop. You write it down in code editor and voila, you build the web what you want.

In my mind “this was amazing and I kinda love it” after that I used to build many website from the scratch. Designing first then write the code. Since I know that, I felt it was tired enough working 2 jobs at the same time then I choose learning the code again. I was diving in server-side PHP & MySQL. This was something difficult to learn and I never know about <?php, $ and so many else in PHP & MySQL. After I realized this was so hard for me to learn, I have a thought I could quit from developers world. PHP & MySQL is just like a stone that need a long time to break into a pieces. Until I know about to learn an Array, Object-Oriented Programming and MVC pattern, then I can build my own CMS in my final project, you can check it out in my GitHub account. Since I graduated I’ve got a very basic JavaScript & jQuery lecture. My JS skill was so bad and had no improvement. Then I just did research about JavaScript in depth and I’ve been quiet interesting to more dive in deep in JavaScript. I used to save my money for taking an online course in Lynda.com and Udemy Course.

So I was starting to love a programming language called “JavaScript”.

People nowadays learn JS and if I want to be a frontend developer, I should have great skill in JavaScript. Next step: JavaScript in depth. I learned about some powerful framework such as ReactJS, AngularJS and VueJS that provides a single web page application. Those cool thing should I learn, but before dive in more in deep, I have to learn JS again. Learning React for the first time it was hard. Why there’s an ES6, Babel, NodeJs and so on and why people were using IDE instead of a normal code editor. I’ve got the feeling when I do research and learn until I understand is just like you found the gem in the dark cave. My road is not stopped there. I was attending Google event in Leipzig, Germany and until I know all the technologies in the world, reading the web technologies article from internet and I started to surround with the developers. In mid 2017 I’ve been curious with JS in MVC, how it does work. Starting learn Full Stack Development with MEAN (Stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular & Node) also learn framework MeteorJS and also BackboneJS. It’s quiet interesting to build RESTful API with JSON and Database in MongoDB for fun. So many powerful technologies and framework that could help me save my time and energy to build an awesome web application and I know a little bit of Mobile App using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript such as Angular-Ionic and ReactNative. But I want to dive in in more deep in web development.

Why JavaScript? Why not the other language? As a beginner it is a good start to have some powerful skill in web development like JavaScript. It’s lightweight, readable and easy to understand. The community is also big, so you can find out in Facebook Page or somewhere. JavaScript is not only for web development, it can also help you to build mobile app using ReactNative and desktop app using Electron. So why don’t you try the basic web technologies and dive in more deep in JS.

Where I do start to learn? Basically website w3schools is the best way to start all web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but if you want to dive more further, you can jump into PHP & MySQL like me. Or maybe you learn the first framework called Bootstrap. It is well documented and you can build the web design as you want. Start from the simple thing, it brings you a new world.