is it worth to join Code Bootcamp or Online Course?

This was in my mind last year. I was knowing there was a huge trend in my country Indonesia, people want to build a startup but they don’t want to know where they should go first. In that time I was interesting to make a review about two sides, Code Bootcamp or Online Course.

What is exactly a Code Bootcamp? Code Bootcamp is a place you can learn just like school. You attend the school and there will be a real teacher and he gives you lectures, assignments and tests. Code Bootcamps also offers you the duration. Some bootcamp can train you to be frontend developer or backend developer or mobile developer in 12 months or some bootcamp gives you even fast to be developer. But it costs really expensive.

Aside giving you the fast track to be developer, some bootcamp gives you a lifetime access to get a job whenever you want and access to learn more.

How about Online Course? Online course is just like you watching a tutorial video in internet but it is more complete course, it connects you by online but no realtime to meet your teacher. Cost amazingly cheaper than bootcamp.

But some people why do I join both of them? Experience is the answer. As I mentioned before Code Bootcamp gives you a realtime learning code. For example if I had an error during write the code, I can ask whenever I want and he gives you a rapid explanation and answer. Of course Online course didn’t do that. If I got error message from web application I should ask google and stackoverflow. But some teacher in online course can help you to get the best answer. There were several online course that I’ve been joining until today. The best is Udemy, I feel enjoyed when I learn there, just because I am too busy for now and I had no time to attend again in bootcamp. But joining the code bootcamp is worth it though. It depends on the user itself, If you had more time and more money to spend for learning and want to have the best environment for learning code, code bootcamp is the best solution. And also online course is also the best way to learn code from the beginner for cheap price.

I’ve been really enjoying attending code bootcamp and online course and of course after I graduated from bootcamp I choose online course now to evaluate what I learn before and learning something new like learning new framework and so forth.

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