Meteor JS? or Meteor Magic?

Last time I’ve met the developer who told me about all framework in JS, he mentioned Meteor JS is the powerful full stack framework for building web and mobile application. I started to check my IDE and it supported Meteor JS then I started to learn this new framework and wow, I’ve been quiet amazed with Meteor JS. Meteor JS is just like a game changing for rapid software development, by using one single language the developer can build from frontend to backend faster than before.

What is exactly Meteor JS?

Meteor JS is full stack JavaScript framework. It is made up of a collection of libraries and packages. So the developer can build app more faster. Meteor is easy to learn and quick to build with and so fast.

Reason use Meteor JS

It is faster to build with. By using one single language from frontend to backend and with all smart packages included, bounded together. Launching an application in 4 weeks can be really happened.

Realtime application. Meteor is the perfect solution for building realtime application like Chat and so on. By default it is realtime and known as “full stack reactivity”. All application’s layer from template to database are updated automatically and it means it don’t need to refresh the page.

Smart packages gives you more benefit. Meteor gives you a benefit to use the packages. Building a login page can be a painful, but with Meteor JS’s smart packages allows you to build application easier. For example User Account package is the one benefit for building auth. Meteor JS also allows you using the other JavaScript library like React, Angular and so on, by default the frontend Meteor is using Blaze.

Transform your Meteor App into iOS app and Android. Cool thing that you will have from Meteor is, you can build mobile app with Cordova which Cordova is integrated with MeteorJS. Cordova is a platform building mobile app by using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The key why I use Meteor JS are: Meteor JS is easy to learn, fast and powerful. I never felt building web app or mobile so much easy than before. And also Meteor JS has integrated with some famous framework like React, Angular, MongoDB, Cordova. Meteor gives you the smart package for building everything. Though maybe I had to learn other programming language for building application, instead of learning another language, Meteor comes with the magic and help me a lot. I’m not wondering why people call Meteor magic, it is a real magic in development.

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