Lesson Plan and One to One Tutoring

Lesson plan is teacher’s detail description of learning session. In Sampoerna University, I learn how to set a lesson plan in well organized. First, I need to consider the grade of the students and the duration. Then, I make several activity that will be done in order to make students understand. In this step, I need to be carefull in choosing what activity that will be do in the class because if the students are not comfort with the acitivity it will achieve the goal of learning. Therefore, before I make a lesson plan, I learn learning style firstly. I need to make activity that can be do/comfort to all learning style. As a teacher I can not use one learning style/focuss to students one by one because it will not achieve the goal of learning. The things that I will do is generalize it by observing the learning style of each student.

In final exam, Ms Puthi required all Math Education students to create a lesson plan. I create it by choosing one basic competences in 2013 curriculum then, I develop it to a lesson plan. Fortunately, I already learn about learning style in EDUC 1301 and TLM so, I know what activity that should I put in lesson plan. After, I make a lesson plan, I bring it to consult with Ms Mima. This consultation named one to one tutoring. Ms Mima that my lesson plan is good but, I need to put clear material of each activity. Also, she suggest me to put introduction of learning at the opening session rather than in main activity session. From those suggestion, I improve my lesson plan and analyze it then, I submit it to schoology. I am happy with one to one tutoring because I learn that a good lesson plan is not only can read by myself but also can read by others teachers. So, I need to be carefull and consider a lot of things to make it well organized.