One to One Tutoring

Before submitting the midterm test Ms. Dhitta and Ms. Maryam require the students to get one to one tutoring to one of them. Every student needs to bring their draft of the essay to be check by either Ms. Dhitta or Ms. Maryam. My name is Muhamad Rizky Al Gafari, I do one to one tutoring with Ms. Dhitta. Actually, I make two drafts of essays with the different topic but, I still doubt with both of the drafts. The first draft title “Mathematics, Formulas or Process” and the second draft title is “Indonesia and Mathematics”. Ms. Dhitta said that my first draft is not strong enough, I need a lot of sources to support it. While my second draft, she said that I am unable yet to write the draft in the essay. The topic is too large and I need to learn well each aspect that I state in the draft before I write it down. She suggests me to write a new draft with a new topic that not too large and not too specific. She gives me a link that can I use as a reference for my new draft which is In that link, there is a free book named PISA 2015 results that show mathematics, science, and reading literacy. Some countries reported in that book especially Indonesia. Ms. Dhitta suggests me writing Indonesian Mathematics result based on PISA 2015 using my own words. Also, she teaches me how to write the essay in good order and proportion. I really grateful because after I do one to one tutoring I can write the essay better.