Reading Reflection “Teaching and Learning Measurement”

The chapter tells about several issues of teaching and learning measurement of students in secondary level which are estimating and measuring, perimeter and circumference, area and volume, Pythagoras theorem, and trigonometry. In general, most of the issues are caused by the misconception of the students of understanding the concept. Especially for estimating and measuring, students faced difficulties in making sense of it. Teachers often introduce the concept that they teach without relate it with the contextual problems. Students faced difficulties because they usually use contextual problems in the primary years. As a teacher candidate, later, I will provide a bridge session from contextual problem to the abstract case to make the students understand the topic.

Estimating and measuring could be determined as simple concept, but how about another advance concept that involving estimating and measuring concept. In case of area and volume, most of students are only think about how to calculate it. However, it does not guarantee that they understand what area and volume means? Students are often confused if they get problems that required them to use the application of concept of area and volume. They can only solve the problems that like their teachers gave. From this case, I learn that it is important to construct students understanding about the concept. As a teacher candidate, when I teach later, I will be faced difficulties when the students have less understanding about basic concepts of mathematics. To fix this problem, I will provide a learning activity that required the students to involve to the learning through investigating. Also, I will use contextual problem to bridge students’ prior knowledge with the concepts. Through investigation they will construct their own understanding of the concept. This activity can apply for further concepts such as Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry, therefore, students can easier understanding it.