Part-1 Edhi Sb Reading

“People have become educated, but have not yet become human.”

Education is that unique thing which separates human being from Animal.Education is not about doing a course work,get job and start professional life.This is basically small vision which has no importance when we compare ourself to Edhi Sb. According to him,No religion,caste or section matters,the thing matter which is humanity.To help others is that 
invocation which Allah Almighty likes most.Allah send us on earth to help needy and deserving people.The principle of progress according to Edhi Sb is ‘AMAL’ Without action nothing can happens.This is also the principle of Amal academy which motivates students to did something for betterment of society personal development and self learning.We could not compare ourself to that great personality.Lets relate my example that i also like to help humanity and give food and water to needy people as that i can.We must make it our hobby that we try to give food at least one needy people on daily basis.Always be ready to help others in emergency situations as that Mr. Edhi took such a great initiative.I like that action which he with other three to four persons contribute to buy new vehicle for patients in emergency.and he wasn't good in studies but have good experience in medical field.He also worked in dispensary,After that he made his own dispensary to serve humanity.This thing attracts me mostly that caring for others is basically a true religion.


The goal or project i have achieved is driving in just start project.because it is the need of the hour and i feel that’s one of the weak point in myself.because driving is also skill.I wanted to achieve this because without it i cannot travel according to my plan.Traveling is my passion and also i believe that it’s also the part of learning,so never stop to learn things. when i started it ,then its little difficulty that weather i can do or not and it taught me so many lessons and i really enjoyed from that great experience.I thought that i was incomplete without learning a driving skill.I was so passionate for learn that.I just started then feel that its quite easy.

As,I have told earlier that there are some difficulties everywhere and same experience with me that i have faced some hurdles.According to my believe these are nothing and have no importance in front of your passion and courage.If you have decided to do something then it can possible.and nothing is impossible in this world.This skill makes me more mature and comfortable to face world in a better way.I have learn from it that safety first and never use in a negative manner because life of human is so important.My next step is make myself a professional driver so i’ll apply for license which gives me more confidence and validity that you are a perfect driver.It is very necessary to have license with you so no one question mark on you regarding that skill.

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