It is very difficult to even know your goals for people of my age. But I do know my goals. The goal that I have in mind right now is journalism. It has been my passion since school time to be a splendid journalist and have a complete grasp over article writing and day to day happening. And I have decided that I will just start writing articles on everyday issues so that I can have the practice required to achieve my goal.I want to be a journalist so that I can provide the nation with a perfect and true analysis of every situation possible. To be able to provide people with an honest opinion of the situation, and to be able to shape the nation’s minds into critical analysts of any situation they may see or face.
While trying to achieve this goal. I have had to face a number of difficulties. Like, I wanted to join Mass Communication studies for the undergraduate degree. But my parents didn’t allow me to pursue this degree, forcing me for medical studies and later on business education which I am doing currently.
In order to achieve my goals, the three tasks that I Identified were to write on regular basis, show my work to as many people as possible so that a critical analysis can be achieved and to do my masters in Mass Communications.
It is not in the norms now a days for a child to have dream to be a journalist. Because journalism as an occupation is not considered a good job. It is believed to be full of lies and completely fraudulent occupation. And then there is the giving up pattern for teenagers. Like many other teenagers I too had times when I wanted to give up on my dreams, and that was one of the biggest challenge for me to surpass. There were times when I didn’t write for months. But then I got over it all and am still trying to achieve my dream. But still want to continue my Urdu article writing and stories till my life

From this experience I learned that you must never give up. Whenever you are down always pull yourself together and move forward.My next steps are to learn writing articles in a better way then I am doing right now and to publish my work for the general public as well as people close to me to see.