I call Mr. Ali Ahmed General supervisor at Wah Audience factory Wah Cant.It was a wonderful time taking him on board.After introduction and greeting I just started asking question to Ali Bahi in friendly environment.Our Q&A session is as following:

Q: Which Workplace environment is suitable for me?

Ali bahi advised me to find my passion and have a SWOT(Strength,Weakness,Opportunities and threats) Analyzes of myself.Ask my peers and my seniors and also consult my teachers. He concluded that to do an internship in every possible field of your interest before final selection of your career.

Q:What should i do after completing my bachelor either go for a job or do a master level degree ?

Ali bahi advised me that go for a master level degree before starting a job.If in a case i got a good job after bachelor then look for a executive MBA in IBA or LUMS

Q: What is your(Ali bahi) experience in Wah audience factory?

It have been a best experience according to Ali bahi. This factory is owned by Ministry of defense Govt. of Pakistan.It have been a friendly environment there.Senior always supports there juniors.Work stress is compensated by giving holidays twice a week.Hostel and houses are available for married and unmarried employees.Educational facilities for employees children are free of cost.

Q: Is it your ideal job Ali bahi ?

It was not ideal for him at beginning of this job.He was looking for a job in Lahore as his family were living in Lahore.But later on, He adjust himself according to cultural norms of Wah Cant

Q: Is Salary matter more then getting experience in a good company?

According to my ideal Ali bahi getting a job in a low salary package is not a bad thing at all.When you began you career you should think about how to achieve skills? and how to get trained? or get experience?
When you get experience and skills then demand for higher salary scale.Never miss any kind of job opportunity just due to low salary scale

Q: Are you suggesting me for this job or not ?

Ali bahi does not suggest me this job as it is against my personality and skills.As i am of ENFP (“The Campaigner”) personality.So it is not according to my needs and strengths.

It was a healthy discussion with Ali Bahi. In a friendly environment he guide me like his own brother.I also overcome the fear of asking other for help. It was also a useful market research.