PRINCIPAL : “Think huge,Start Tiny”

First and most interesting example which hit my mind was starting from zero and taking it to peak . Yes Edhi was one of them person who just started from bottom and reach up above the sky. He think huge,and start tiny. He began with a small dispensary and then reach the height of excellence. I relates this to the principal of AMAL. . His continuous action was marvelous.His Success traits was credibility, passion and hardworking.His plan was too small, just taking a impression of “how to help others” from poor old man and these small plan are then bring up together to make a big one. Starting selling pencils on streets, selling match boxes and towels just to spend this money to help mankind. Principal Behind Edhi success was “THINK HUGE, START TINY” that is one of the principal of progress: “AMAL”. He started with small beginnings and then join these starter to reach his goals. He focus on his goals and develop a habit of continuous action.To start anything is much easier but maintaining the power and pace is difficult. He always remain optimist.He never give up or loses hope. There was hardship and difficulties in his pathway. there was a time one donation level fall down, many time his health was no so good but he still stroll on wheelchair or ambulance to collect donation.Difficulty is no word in Edhi dictionary.His success story lies under the hashtags of CREDIBILITY, CONTACTS ,COMMITMENT ,CREATIVITY ,COMMUNICATION. But these hashtags are nothing if he just do not come out of comfort zone and do some ACTION (AMAL) continuously. From that small dispensary to 1600 ambulance , 32 rescue boats many facility center it was all about ACTION (AMAL) of Abdul Starr Edhi

This habit of striving or AMAL (ACTION) unable me to fight against my fear and move out of my comfort zone to write, to speak in public or in front of wild government school students. By doing AMAL (ACTION) on my weakness I improved my confidence and myself