Khudi and Self Learning

Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi is a man perceived by most as a simple social worker. I recognized him as a role model for the world. Practical involvement in Mr. Edhi’s work is natural to anyone in his presence. Bathing corpses and wrapping coffins, spending entire days at collapsed building sites, in psychotic centers and orphanages. Mr. Edhi is a man who had not taken a single day’s vacation in his entire lifetime. A man who, without education, and power, labored ceaselessly to one day convert a third-world country into a welfare state.”

I inspired from the life of edhi sb. I really impressed by an activity of Edhi sb when he was just eleven year old. When one morning he and his friend were going to a football match, passing the main bazar they saw a man lying on a platform. He was wounded and shivered with high fever. He returned home to his mother who gave a mattress, a blanket, medicines, clothes and some foods. He cleaned and bandage his deep wound. Next morning he returned with his breakfast and was astonished to find that he had recovered.

I have a story about my personal experience like edhi sb. A few months ago I see an old man selling some things in front of my home. He was siting in open place at the street corner. I talk to my mother and father and some others friend to help him by arranging a shop. With the help of my Family and my friends we rented a shop for him and also gave some money so that he can expand his business. Now he is earning as much as he can afford expenses by himself.

Self Learning:

I am student of commerce doing Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). I am very passionate to learn computer languages and computer programming. When I was in 10th class, I knew little bit about computer just how to play song and how to play games on computer. However, I interested to know that how programs are developed?

I wanted to study software engineering but due to some reasons I cannot got admission in software engineering. Beside, studying BBA I decided to fulfil my dream of learning computer languages through different mediums, such as online courses from edX, YouTube and from books etc.

I set following three task to achieve my goal.

1. Introduction to computer

2. Starting with easy languages

3. Learn other languages

1. Introduction to computer:

In my first task, I learned computer as introduction. I learned about different operating systems. I operate three O.S Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint and Mac. I also learn through practice that how to install these O.S and how to operate? I was also learning about MS Office and other Windows, Linux and Mac software. I study books of introduction to computer of Matric level and Inter level.

2. Starting with easy Languages:

After studying introduction to computer sciences, I decided to learn things that are more complex and I started with easy languages. I learned scratch language designed by MIT from edX. Now I am learning XHTML and CSS.

3. Learn other languages:

After completing HTML and CSS, I will move to the other languages like Java, V.B, and Python etc.

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