Just Start

  1. Edhi Sb Reading

The interest in work matters. We can see that example from Edhi Sb’s life, as her mother use to give him 2 penny and ask him to spend 1 on others. She would taunt him if he didn’t help any poor and let him focus all his attention on the welfare of others. The passion of helping others and being a good human being, Edhi Sb got that from his early childhood. The contribution of his mother towards his personality mattered a lot.

He used that passion and started from scratch, he did what he loved to do . There were a lot of hurdles in the way but nothing could stop him.

Edhi Sb did other jobs also but he left them because of lack of interest, he talked about it because that was not his goal. I liked this example because it gives us a very good lesson that interest in work matters, so he left those jobs to concentrate on what he loved and that was humanity. He kept struggling the day came when he was called the hero of the nation.

2. Just start Project

“Without education man is just a beast” we all have heard that quotation and we know the changing world is going towards its excellence by discovering new things every day. In this era education is very important and basic need of every person. I belong from a backward area where education isn’t given much importance. People send their children to work instead of school. That’s why Pakistan is much behind the devolving world in the literacy rate.

Child labor

I wanted to start a campaign in my village and villages nearby to convince people to send their children to school instead of work. When asked the poor people says without their children working they can’t afford to meet their expenses.

My goal is to convince them sending their children to school and helping with their current work to produce more by using advanced techniques.

One of the main hurdle in my way is that I am studying and I have to live in the city. I go to my village just on vacations. Now I am trying to manage some time start this great cause. And secondly its not easy to convince people, they have mindsets and there is no concept of sending children to schools.

I started working on the campaign by convincing some people to help me with this noble cause and they agreed. The next time I am going to my village will start working and meeting people

This cannot be done by a single person. We all have to stand for it and make a difference for the better future. With this effort a whole new generation will be changed and it will change the fortune of area.

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