In the second chapter of Edhi’s book I know about his life from childhood to migrate to Pakistan. I am very inspired about this part of his life and knew a best thing that this man becomes Edhi because of his mother that his mother teach him how to give and who is the personal that is able to get it. His mother gave him two pesas one for himself and one for the poor. They was belongs to a farmers family. And childhood of Abdul Satar Edhi is making of a lot of fun that they make pranks and games in the streets of bantava.

I was thinking to work on an online teaching program since six months but I was not able to do this because of my laziness or some others issues I do not know.

Following things that I made for this

· Buy a domain name

· Make youtube channel A facebook page

· Gmail

· Many other social media like pintrest, twiter, tumbler, instagram, snachat etc for it.

But I then I decided to make videos to start it. For this I need DSLR camera, a place where I can setup and hire or request the teachers to come here and work with me.

Now I done these things

· Buy a DSLR camera Nikon D5300

· Talk to a teacher of maths and he is agreed to work with me

· In search of affordable place




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