How I Plan To Become A Better Learner

Learning is the eye of the mind

Whenever some one starts learning new thing he/she must face some obstacles but some of them posse to turn the soil into gold by learning and and applying new skills for the betterment of the organization society whatever the case may be. Learning is the permanent change of behavior.

Procrastination in the biggest obstacle to learn new things the laziness never let the brainstorming and thinking the solutions of problems. To delay the homework is not the way of showing responsibility and it lead to the failure. I this problem because I don’t want to do homework but somehow I had to do I came over the challenge by using to do list and Promo Doro Technique suggested by Amal. This technique never let divert the attention and help to accomplish the task in SMART way as I did so I found it very use full and I started applying in daily routine.

 The online course regarding Learning how to learn suggested by Amal is proven more useful for me. There are two things in this course.

One is EXERCISE. Learning process is directly attached with mind. so the exercise is better for any drug in the world.

Second one is PRACTICE. Practice make a man perfect.

Another take away was about the final helpful hints about the test that one should eat the biggest frog first it means to do the most difficult task first and easier in the latter.

I have started applying these tips moreover another take away to read the paper from back to front I do this earlier.

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