Hello my name is opportunity

This is my first experience in my life to conduct an informational interview from any professional person even I know him. So, I follow JUST START rule and I conduct informational interview from a Business man (Muhammad Atiq ur Rehman Sb).

Before he starting his own business, he working in Urva Textile at Lahore as Marketing Manager. So, he share his experiences with me and give me satisfactory answers of my questions.

Following some question that I asked him for my information.

  • What is current market situations?
  • What is your job title in Urva Textile?
  • Your Salary meet your expectations
  • Why you left your previous job?
  • What problems you face in your professional career?
  • What was your job timings?
  • Where you see yourself after 3–5 years?
  • What is the environment of organizations for freshers?
  • Can you give me advice for my future career?

He suggested me you first working in any manufacturing industry then if you want to establish your business you can do it easily.

I learnt much more from this activity. This is my great experience in my life.