Learning About Your Abilities From Your Friends

“Mistakes are Proof That you are Trying”

The Journey of every successful person started with the knowledge of himself. More you know your strengths and weaknesses, better you are able to decide your areas of interest. The best method to know about yourself is your friends and peoples who are closer to you. In this regard I contacted with my Teachers, Friends, Siblings and my colleagues.

Some of them took it very seriously and reply me formal manners about my abilities and strengths and some peoples answer me in a funny manner.

So I look their feedback try to conclude that which are same in different stories.Following are my strengths and abilities that I judge from different stories:-

  • Honest
  • Hard-worker
  • Caring person
  • Responsible person
  • Team work skill
  • Sincere with friends
  • Friendly and engaging person
  • Punctual
  • Polite
  • Helping and caring of friends
  • Confident
  • Talented and easily handle the situation

One of them write down about me is, “Your first impression is also very impressive, the one who met you first automatically try to give you respect”

Some of them also gave me more valuable and impressive suggestions that help me in my personal and professional career. Some colleagues and classmates point out my weaknesses that they judged in my career.

I think learning is a JOURNEY not a Destination. So, we should learnt from every person. Learning process has not an ending point. This process end when breathes are stopped.

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