Who Do You Consider Your Mentor

Finding help on your road to success

A mentor is someone who offers advice and counsel, and who lends you his or her resources to help you advance in your professional or personal life. A mentor can be someone as important as the CEO of a big company, or it could be the neighbor next door who teaches you simple life lessons while helping you fix your bike.

As long as the person offered you advice that made a difference in your life, that person could very well be considered a mentor.

If we categorically divided our life. What would be the goal of this categorization? I can’t imagine needing to organize or categorize my hobbies, reading material, eating habits, etc, as part of a master “get-organized” plan, but they’re all a part of my life.

So, if I talking about my learning stage, my Cousin, parents, siblings and teachers are my mentor. and if I talking about my professional life my current boss is my mentor. His name is Muhammad Atiq ur Rehman.

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