The logic behind- “Interacting with others” is to realize them that you are interested in them rather than interesting.

I’ve never been writing blogs before but now I started writing blogs, hopping for the best that it will enhance my learning as well as my experience of social norms will be enhanced through these blogs.

I have been practicing as task of “How to win friends” by being interested in them instead of interesting. Well the idea of being interested is more important than being interesting. If you consider others, listen to them, give them values means that you are interested in them. While on the other hand, being interesting means that you are considering yourself, want to tell them your story and do not pay others any attention.

How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

This is an impressive book on socials norms written by Dale Carnegie. In this book, he sets a lot of example of how to win friends. Here are some examples given by the author as “A dog is here just for love and nothing else” Apparently, it is just a sentence but it is very important tool that gives an idea of social life. If we pay attention to the dog, he will be familiar to us and will give us more attention than to be paid attention. Same is the case for our social life. If we keep using you attitude rather that I attitude, we will be given positive response by the people close to us.

The other example set by author is that Thustan had real interest in people rather than interest in himself. Therefore, he was a successful person. Paying attention to others are important as it shows that you are interested in them. By being interested in people, in response, people also give you attention and you become interesting for them.

These are the best lines said by the author that

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

This means that we can make more friends in two months by getting interested in them as compared to make friends in two years by making them interested in you. If we pay attention to others, they will consider us, will pay their attention and will be giving honor to us.

I relate it with a Bollywood Movie named as “FAN”. The dialogues that is used based on its story is

“I am what, just because of my fans, If I do not have fans, I am nothing.”

Watch Video here:

I will relate it to our topic as you are here just because of the people, you are known to them. If nobody knows you, you are nothing. If you pay attention to them, they will pay attention in response and you will have a recognition. If you try to avoid others, they will also try to avoid you. So keep it in consideration that you have to pay attention others so that they may think that you are interested in them.

My Experience of being interested in others

Well, I have been interacting with others since past days. It was best experience of interacting with others as they were amazed as what has happed to me? Why am I asking questions in this way? One on my friends said, “I am amazed that Aqeel is giving me so much time and taking interest in my life.” Some of the friends said “Tu Asal gall dass, Asal rola ki ay?” (Tell us why are you asking such questions?) as it was instructions that not to reveal the purpose and not to discuss about them so I neglected that there is not any specific reason and later on everyone said thank you for giving attention to us, we were thinking that you will never ever talk to us again in this way.

Well it was a good experience about getting interested in them. Hopping for positives responses of it.

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