Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

Last day I learned a most important lesson from blind leadership activity. I learned from this activity that you can’t get good results even how much good leader you are until or unless you have proper understanding with your team members. If you are blindly leading them without telling them the goal you can’t achieve that goal. So in order to get good results a leader should have to completely involve his team members in achieving his goal. I have personal experience of this reality. In doing my final year project at start I didn’t bother to involve my group members in doing project. But at last when a heavy pressure of evaluation came I feel myself alone in front of evaluators. I realized my mistake at that time but it was to late to mend my mistake.

I don’t go for outside lunch because I was so sad and stumble that how fast these three months pass at that time I am wishing that may time stop and fellowship never end. In sadness I can’t eat or drink so I came back to hostel with sweet memories of fellowship.

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