Part 1: Edhi Sb reading

Edhi Sb said: I hated failure and knew that success is synonymous with effort.

According to me this is the one of Amal’s Principles of Progress. Because in this world nothing is possible without effort. I like this example because Edhi told that he is expert in racing but his friend always lost their interest in sport by saying “The race ends before it even begins”.Edhi Sb never loose hope as he believed that by each rule he could win by effort. This is also a principle of Amal that never be afraid of anything, just start and by effort get success.

Part 2: Just start project:

I want to start to awake my hostel fellows for Fajr prayer.

Because its our religious duty to offer five prayers a day but many Muslims miss their Fajr prayer daily due to their laziness.

In the past whenever i asked students for this matter they did not response well to me. Sometimes they became angry and said this is a matter between them and their God, who i am to speak in their matters. At this point i became answer less.

I learnt from these kind of things man became very much humble, when he is requesting some unknown person to do something and he is not willing to do that thing and even some time some people do not respond well.By this way a i learnt how to convince someone.

According to my future plan i want to join some Islamic organization to learn more about preaching of Islam and i will keep on trying to awake students for Fajr prayer ignoring there strict responses.

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