Litter/Pollution Problem in Our Society (PRJ 1-Photo journal)

So , Welcome to some entangled issues of our society , that should be discussed and eliminated.

Rubbish stocked in sideways that is atrocious. This is what i saw every day in my commute
This picture depicts roadside garbage disposal that is destroying the beauty of this calm and pleasant road. This is what i witness everyday way more bad in shape
These flowers don’t know that they are exposed to this is the most unhygienic and crummy place that can destroy their health . They just doing that to get some rupees (money) that they can give to their parents .Does their health/life worthy of this? Do they deserve this
This poor lovely adolescent don’t even know if its good or bad but he/she can never prevent this unfortunate reality.

What do you think!

I think we ourselves should try and keep our surroundings clean . It is our moral duty .People make community and we ourselves if individually try to make a small change it can oscillate and will give ripple effect




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Muhammad Bilal Ilyas

Muhammad Bilal Ilyas

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