How to drop resume.

Do you have an experience of In-person drop resume? Today I will share my experience of in person drop. It’s my first experience when I went to Faisal Chicks for marketing manager job. Any guess what was the first problem I faced while entering in that organization? Let me tell you that in Faisal Chicks unknown persons are not allowed. Here the question comes that how I entered? Before going to Faisal Chicks I just research all about organization as well as all information about HR Manager. While entering in the gate I just take a pass through guard and told them that I’m here to meet my friend Mr. Javaid HR Manager. He gave me permission when I went to his office HR Manager was busy I wait for him for 3 hours after that I met him and told my elevator pitch. Elevator Pitch means you have to introduce yourself within 30 to 60 seconds. In elevator pitch you have to tell them about Future Goal, Current Status, Academic status, Academic experience, Work experience and Current objective. During in person drop 2 main problem first was confidence and other was convincing. As I told you that it was my first experience and while giving elevator pitch I was totally confused and I lose my confidence I tried to balanced my confidence and little bit balanced by me I took a long breath and then continue again. And second thing was that HR Manager was not allowing me to drop my resume but I convinced him. In last he appreciates me and gave me feedback that you have to build up your confidence. And next time I will show my best and build my confidence. My suggestion is to everyone that you have to show them that you are passionate about this job and don’t lose the confidence because these are the main things.

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