The Interested Challenge

As I read the book of DALE CARNEGIE he focus that try to talk that person who is in front of you, try to make interest in that person because every person wants that everybody talks about himself as the research shows that when 500 Phone calls traced then the word “I” used 3900 times its shows that everybody wants to hear and talked about himself so try to make interest in person that you will get friendship and win his/her hearts.
I have asked from my friends about their health, what they are doing nowadays and what your future plans. First, they shocked to listen then they realized that I actually want to know about himself and I got a positive response from their side.
I contacted to whom also who was my College friends and few of them to which I do not contact since last 2 or 3 years Then I realize that how we feel when we ask someone about their health, Planning and how they react in a beautiful way and how they happy to hear that someone want to know about myself so this is the really wonderful experience throughout.
I feel that how they respect me when I asked someone and they reacted when someone asked about himself.
 This is a really wonderful experience which I realize and make feel happy to know someone’s plan.
The challenge which I faced is fear Because In the start I realized that how they can react when they heard of my question and what kind of way they take my questions but I start this challenge completed in a positive manner and did not get any type of misbehaviour from their side.

So try to take interest in those people and talk about himself which you want to get the friend or you want to spend more time,