In Person Drop — Amal’s Project

Today, I am going to reveal the big secret for maximizing your chances to get your dream job. And the secret is — In Person Drop. Are you not clear? let me clear you. If you want to grab your dream job opportunity. You should go extra-mile by dropping your CV/Resume and cover letter personally to the concerned person probably the HR manager. It will make you different from others and increase your chances to get job by 50 percent as per my experience.

Let me share you my own experience which will confirm my above hypothesis. “I met with Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Haroon, Senior Officer HR & Legal Affairs at Rafhan Maize when I was given the Amal project to reach to HR personnel, and ask them about Real and Equip during interview. I used this reference to drop my Resume/cover letter to Rafhan Maize. So, I called him on his mobile phone, and also sent him email to get his appointment. Eventually, I got his response, and he gave time of this Wednesday because I was already familiar with me. He was glad to know my unique degree, and was interested to hire these types of peoples in their organization. So, I utilized this opportunity, and set meeting with him. I reached to his office at time. He warmly welcomed me, and asked the purpose to come his office. I didn’t face any difficulty while reaching to his office, and in getting appointment because I had met him already. I told him my purpose, and giving him my elevator pitch. I told him that I am so passionate about your organization. Although, I am not graduate yet. But, I will love to work with you when I will be graduated. I drop my resume and customized cover letter according to their organization. He was glad to see my passion for them, and he told me that even you are not graduated yet. But, I will surely try to convince our authority to engage you with our organization while your studies. And he assured me that I will surely give you response on your these efforts.”

So, it was very fruitful experience for me. I think you should try this technique to increase your chances to get job.