Practicing Happiness to Boost Your Success — Stop Negativity

Everyone in the world wants to have a happy life. But, we ignore the things which actually make us happy. We just think that negatively and wait for the big occasions which can make us happy. We think that our-lives are full of sadness, and we see others to make us happy. So, I am going to reveal the concept of positivity. Positivity can lead us to happy life, and eventually happiness lead us towards success.

I watched the TED talk of Shawn Achor — the Stanford University’s positive psychology expert/professor and bestselling author. He suggested five scientific steps of practicing your happiness to boost success in this brilliant talk. We can boost our success by using these steps which are; Gratitude, Journal, Exercise, Meditation, Random acts of kindness.

All of us have gone through from different situations in our-lives which can make our thinking more negative. For example, I can recall my story where I faced very difficult situation in my life. This situation made me stressed and unpleasant. It was very difficult time for me when I started thinking and perceiving the things negatively. “I was in my second semester of BBA-Agribusiness. I wasn’t selected for scholarship. At that time, I was facing financial crises, and I didn’t get the scholarship. So, I became very negative with myself. I thought that I couldn’t continue my studies. Then, I applied for another scholarship. I thought If I couldn’t get this scholarship, but there are many other scholarships too. I started applying in other scholarships. Eventually, I was awarded with Govt. of Sindh’s scholarship after few days of rejecting from previous scholarship. At that time, I used one way to stop negative thinking. I saw a movie in which I knew about ‘Law of Attraction’. I came to know that what we think, we actually attracts these things into our-lives. So, I started think positively, and got scholarship successfully.

I used two of these steps, and I felt very positive change after practicing these steps. I used Meditate and Exercise, and these two steps I already did previously. I stated to go to garden in the early morning in this week. I just did some exercise for fifteen minutes daily, and took some deep breaths with exercise — called meditate. I eventually started thinking positively. If you want to be positive in life. You can follow these steps suggested by Shawn Achor. You can watch full Shawn Achor TED talk through this link:

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