POMODORO technique is an advanced tool for better productivity in the work. It found it first time and it surprises me a lot. As most of the times, in my work, I was distracted by many things like I watched videos during doing online courses. It was a challenge for me to work for long hours with concentration. When I practiced this technique on one of my project of structure design of a house, the results were awesome. At the same note, it was also difficult for the beginners. I did my work in one hour that I did in five hours before. During practicing this technique, sometimes I was distracted but it came into my mind that I am doing a challenge and I have to do it. I learned from this that if we become use of this technique it will benefit us in every time. Because most of things are worse as we do not care about them. But after sometime, we realize that I did a mistake by wasting my time. I will recommend it to my friend who also suffers from distractions.