Abdul Sattar Edhi is The Voice oF Human

If you want to find me or meet me then find me in humans !

This is the picture which shows about edhi sb’s Biography . Because this man of honor had been said that , find me in human .

The Richest Poor in this World ( ABDUL SATTAR EDHI )

To help the poor should be religion of each person on this earth as we know about Edhi sb and he was a person who lived for humanity and always helped the human . He served his whole life among people . He was the only person who was a helper of poor , who was the father of poor , mother of poor .

Abdul Sattar Edhi always found his satisfaction when he served the people .I salute to this person .

Fund Raising For edhi sb

This was our little effort to raise fund for Edhi Sb . This was our little effort which we made and tried our best to raise funds for Edhi Sb because now in these days after the death of Edhi Sb , his foundation faced little problems because many people said we only gave fund to Edhi Sb and now he is not present in this world so we will not give more funds because people do not trust on any other person except Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi sb.


Problems during raising of Fund

It was not a problem for us to raise fund but many times we face little bit problems because many people raised many controversial question “ As Edhi Sb is no more here in among us , so why we will trust on you ”? However we faced it by saying that we are students and these our students cards and after submitting these funds , we will show you this receipt .These were very challenging moments for us but we dealt it positively and learnt about patience .

Collection during class

Consulting with each other to meet these problems


After this failure we decided to arrange different meeting to meet these problems and how we should take step to collect these funds ?Different solutions were considered like ( raise funds from stores , classes , peaceful walk ). So by acting on these steps, we collected a huge amount for Edhi Sb and we were happy because we were going to earn hearts .


So after making a decision about peaceful awareness walk we reached on time to show unity and strength .we were connected with edhi sb so we did not feel shame that what people will say about us, however we were happy because our Edhi Sb served his whole life for this work and no doubt it is a big distinction for each person of this world.

Peaceful Awareness Walk

Groups Tasks

It was a task for each circle to put your maximum efforts and go through extra mile . Each group was assigned a task to collect fund from different stores in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan . We went through extra mile and tried our bests to collect as we could collect.

At AL FATEH store of Faisalabad

In Universities

Thanks to all the members who worked their best . Different members went to different universities and collected funds. Even nobody lagged behind to earn virtue as these pictures are showing their interest


“We were so happy because we did for others and if you do for others then it is a chance to win hearts and to earn virtue”

InshAllah we will continue this activity even after graduation from Amal Academy and we will do more than this time.