Do Just One Thing To Improve Your Productivity

“Change your negativity and seriousness with Happiness”

Life is not the name of seriousness

life was awarded to each person of this world to do worship your God , to stay happy and positive.But we changed it with seriousness and complex things , in which resulted our productivity has lowered . seriousness is not to make a fun even in every moment of life but to stay cool , normal , positive and happy .

Why happiness is necessary ?

Happiness is necessary because it boosts your success . If you are happy , normal , relax , cool and positive then you will be more productive and you will meet problems with extraordinary solution . so if one problem is solved by positivism then why we waste our time by doing or thinking negatively. Research has proved that success is more near those who are more happy than serious people

Have you ever faced this problem ?

Think about yourself either you are connected with this problem or not. Yes i have this problem and often i live serious but it is due to different aspects , as i am mentioned all aspects here.

  1. If anybody talk about my personality
  2. if anybody talk about my education
  3. if anybody take action against me
  4. if anybody do injustice
  5. if anybody treat me hard
  6. if anybody give me tension about anything
  7. if anybody talk bad about my future
  8. often my friends behave
  9. i am serious when i think about my future career
  10. i care about my parents how i will give satisfaction them therefore i live serious?

How you solve your tension ?

Nothing is impossible in this world so do not take tension about seriousness and it can be eliminated from your life by implementing on different steps.Because seriousness is not naturally and moreover it developed by living in such type of environment and you can change it with happiness .

Shawn Achor’s TED Talk and solution

As Shawn Achor’s TED talk revealed some solution about and by doing these actions you can eliminate your restlessness and tensions.It is possible but do not compromise when you eliminate it because it demands your intentions and handwork.

  1. Remain relax
  2. be positive
  3. be relax
  4. be cool
  5. walk outside your area like in parks
  6. travel to different places
  7. make new friends
  8. do good acts of kindness on regular basis
  9. by gratitude
  10. by practice some exercises


Exercise is a best way to reduce your stress because by doing this your body works properly and your minds also work properly because

because it release your intentions and anybody who do it regularly , he/she lives more relaxed . A body is directly connected with mind so if your body will not do any exercise then it will not make your mind cool . So always do exercise .

Act of kindness

act of kindness is a solely tool which make you perfect for your successful person in your environment as i have experienced and i will share with you.

My story about Act of Kindness

As i have experienced through this act, Recently when i applied these rule on my life , i changed my life completely . Often i live serious about anything which is in my circle of life but during this activity if i listened anything which was against my life charterer then i did not take it as a tension . i thought may be his/her mood is furious so he/she said about me but “no problem” . this is temporary . if i faced any problem then i remained positive and i thought i can face it because it is not big one for me.By doing these acts i changed much about me and i am more happy than earlier.i helped each person who contacted for me even i had my own work but i did not refused anyone so i won the hearts of that people .

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