i am sharing a story, how to gain attention of your friends and how to involve them for your love , attraction , and attention ? Tonight i sent message to my friends and in those friends some had knew but someone were new . First of all I have to share that today 6 MARCH is my birth day date and now you are thinking , why I am sharing my birth date with you? Because before the birth day date when I sent message to all my friends and asked about , how are they ? , how their life is going and many others ? Now it is time to surprise because those who did not knew me and on following day , they were saying to me : Happy birth day brother !Moreover all friends really surprised how I am changed and one of my senior impressed very much and said I was impressed for your kind behave so it is my suggestion to all of my fellows . please involve others in your life not expect that they will involve you so when you will involve you then automatically they will be involved in your lives . Thank you so much ! and I learnt that being interested can give you more people around you than being interesting as many people behave formally .We can apply these rules in our lives and can win hearts of people.

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