Success through Education

“The education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” said by Legend Nelson Mandela and it is also the way through which a person can be able to know his duties and rights as well. It is very necessary to educate the people in order to build up a civilized nation. Every person and children have a right to get education and improve their lifestyle. It is not only the responsibility of government to create resources for the public but it is also our duty to help them in this regard.

As we clearly mentioned about our plan in the first blog of this mega project which is about to help the children or people for education so we decided to donate books to the children. For this purpose and after too much brainstorming that how we can better do this project, we just started working by searching out those children who have no books and not going to schools. We preferred to do it in our community circles. Fortunately we found four children of 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th classes who had to left their studies at these levels due to poor circumstances of their homes.

Now the next step was to collect funds to buy books. One of our team member Faisal Arshad who is studying in university, he told some of his class fellows about our project and asked them that if they want to help needy children. His friends were very happy after knowing this and they gave affordable funds to him. Then we also contributed some amount for this purpose because it is very crucial to have a successful project. After collecting funds, we bought full course books of these classes and gave these books to those students.

After that we had a plan to enrolled these students in a school so that they can learn better along with other students. So our team member Ghulam Muhammad told us that he has a teacher who is running a school. In that school there is need based scholarships for poor and needy children. So we decided to consult his teacher for the admission of these students. We met him and told him about our purpose. He appreciated our efforts and without wasting any time he warmly welcome and gave admissions to these children in his school.

Here are some pictures of those students who got course books from us and enrolled in the school.

So this is not the end of this journey. We also planned to help further not only these children but also search out these kind of needy children to get them educated. These children were really very happy for starting their studies once again. We really thankful to Amal Academy for providing us such kind of great opportunity and guidance to help others. Our team also thankful to all those people who support us for the completion of this project successfully.