Thank You Email

Dear Alumni,

I hope that you are fine and things are going smoothly. I got a chance of interview with you last Sunday and it was a great opportunity for me to take benefit from your experience and I did. I really appreciate your way of interview and feedback that you gave me at the end.

Amal Academy is such a revolutionary platform for students to become professional and skilled persons and it is honor for all of us to become a part of this institute. As you are the alumni of this academy, so you are well known about the challenges that fresh graduates have to face while starting their professional career. Your support for Amal Academy in this regard and that how you managed your valuable time to guide us are really admirable.

Your feedback is a special gift as it will be very helpful for me to be successful person. I thank you that you appreciate my confidence, fluency in speaking and my professional dressing. As you guided me to be precise, give more time to create a super partner cover letter and practice more for effective non-verbal communication, I would definitely use you instructions from now in order to be more professional.

Once again thank you so much for your precious time and support. I hope that you will continue to give your services to Amal Academy for the betterment of new students regarding their successful career. God bless you.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Hassaan Chughtai

Batch 28

Amal Academy