Try to be interested

After reading the book “How to win friends and influence people” I can say that always try to be interested not to be interesting. Because when you try to be interested than you focus on others interest and try to satisfy your friends. In this book a survey is mentioned in which researcher survey telephone calls in America and he was astonished to know that word “I” is used 3900 times in just 500 calls. From this we conclude that people like to be discussed. When we focus on others, their interests, their experiences and their dislikes than we will be able to understand that how we should communicate with them? how we can get their favour and how we can get their attention towards us. In our daily life we mostly see that people like to be praised by others.

In my real life I will try to use this golden rule(try to be interested) so that in my future life I will be able to make friends which will be long lasting and will be with me in different circumstances.

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