Interested Challenge

Friends query is given as per scheduled in online courses:

Here are some screen shots about the friends’s response

Out of these, there were also some queries of matriculation level students who want to start their own business after graduation. Having a mind about business is also a sign of progress and success and they are fully confident about their future.

How to win Friends and Influence People

In this book, there are example of being interested in others that how can we manage this quality and how people may get interest in us.

Some of the important points to be noted are :

How people can get interest in us?

How we can make more and more friends?

Which lesson we got from this book and what we make implement in our life?

How a writer can attract people’s attention towards himself?

so making it simple, we can brief it as people can make interest in us if we get interest in them by going towards them and asking for their problems if they are facing something. In this way they also get interest in us and become more close to us.

We can make more and more friends by choosing a good way of finding them seriously and being honest we can overcome our fear of being reticent. It is our attraction to others that how we make a good or a bad behavior with them.

When we are talking about the writer, he can attract people’s attention towards himself by giving then some values in his blogs, stories or scripts. If he feel easiness to do this then automatically people get interest in him and he can be famous by his writing quality.

At the last, I have got a lesson that we should not become lazy and we should show off our activeness by doing something new as to bet attention of others. In my real life, as a teacher, I have an experience of students behavior towards the teachers, they give respect to those who give them respect and show some sympathy to them and his behavior is kind towards them. So, I deal with them so kindly that they never make me angry upon them.